1001 Nights - Stories of Traditional Handcrafts from Egypt

History of Garagos Pottery and more ……….

1001 Nights - Stories from the Artisans

Magic carpets, genies in a lamp, hidden treasure and great adventures; the stories of One Thousand and One Nights conjure up images of the fascinating, mysterious and exotic ‘orient’.

Strolling through the ancient bazaars in Cairo, Istanbul or Marrakech we are transported back to a time when merchants came to trade silk, spices, precious metals and perfumes. For centuries artisans have used the same techniques to produce copper lanterns, hand-blown glass and inlay carved wood with mother of pearl.

If you walk deep into the back-streets of any bazaar you may fall upon a lantern maker or spice seller who will tell you their story –a story of truths and half-truths The story may be somewhat embellished but these are stories that enchant and draw you in.

It’s the stories that are the inspiration for 1001 Nights. We seek to share our journeys into the heart of Arabic culture whilst showcasing the traditional hand crafts of North Africa and the Middle East. More importantly, we hope to introduce you to the artisans and to tell you the stories and traditions of the people behind the crafts.