1001 Nights - Stories of Traditional Handcrafts from Egypt

History of Garagos Pottery and more ……….

Garagos Pottery

All my life (and the last 6 years of my wife's life) I have been listening to the stories about Garagos and its people from my family who have been there for many generations. We think the story of the Garagos Pottery is a special one and one that we would like to share with others. Bit by bit and trip by trip we have been researching how the pottery became established through a collaboration between two French Jesuits priests and the famous Egyptian 'Architect for the Poor' Hassan Fathy. 

We are not poets or story tellers and writing is not our forte. What drives this project is our appreciation of traditional hand-crafted products and a passion for collecting the stories that we are fortunate enough to have been told. Through a combination of photographs, video's and the written word we can only hope to do some of these stories justice.

The stories section will develop over a period of time and we hope you will visit our blog where you can share our journey's to Egypt in the quest to discover the stories behind the traditional handscrafts of my country.

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